Vision for Student Learning

Seeking Knowledge; Exercising Reason; Living the Gospel

Mission Statement

Notre Dame de la Baie Academy, as an educational ministry of the Roman Catholic Church, educates the whole person by developing each student's Christian faith, commitment to service, and full academic potential within a caring Church community.

Notre Dame Academy Values



Compassion, Forgiveness, Love of the Lord


Politeness, Tolerance, Fairness


Accountability, Excellence, Self-Restraint


Caring, Charity, Citizenship


Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Promise-Keeping


In Communio

We are a Catholic, Norbertine community focused on developing the whole person. Service and character development, a sense of one’s contributions to the common good, and an expectation of behavior and choices that positively reflect how God calls us to be are all part of the Notre Dame difference.

In Communio is a phrase taught to us by our Norbertine fathers. As a Norbertine ideal, it means a deep sense of community where all contribute to the good of the whole. It’s an ideal that we seek at Notre Dame Academy as we integrate our faith and gifts in pursuit of the development of the whole student who positively impacts our world.

In Communio encompasses the voices of the students, teachers, parents, staff, alumni and community members who value the development of the whole person, integrated within faith and among a strong community. In Communio describes what we seek at Notre Dame Academy.