Inspired by the words of Scripture, "So also faith of itself,  if it does not have works, is dead (James 2:17)." Our job at Notre Dame de la Baie Academy must stretch beyond the classroom and the chapel (Church). If we are to be faithful followers of Christ, we must be willing to do good works for our Lord and help one another.

Rationale for Service

The motive for service: that our students to become more aware of the needs in the local community and around the world. This is a mandatory response of our faith in Jesus Christ. We strive to empower them to serve others, defend the dignity of human life, and to pursue a lifestyle reflective of the gospel.


To encourage students to experience the true joy of reaching out beyond oneself.

To challenge students to deepen their empathy, sensitivity and awareness of all people, and to teach them the responsibility to be compassionate toward others.

To affirm students of their worth and contribution to the community.

To bridge the gap between theory and practice.

To strengthen the ownership for developing a community that cares for one another.

To help students appreciate individual difference.

To foster and encourage a desire to serve others based upon our Catholic Christian principles.

To broaden the opportunities for our students to gain experiences in a number of (job) settings.

To provide for our students the opportunity to identify the causes of social inequalities.

General Expectations

Students are encouraged to do a minimum of 30 school and/or 30 community service hours per year. Summers may be used to fulfill the expectations in addition to the school year.

Service hours completed for confirmation are acceptable. All service completed for confirmation must be documented and filed with the Director of Campus Ministry at NDA. Your parish is not responsible to pass on this information to NDA…the student is responsible.

Service hours completed for sophomore religion classes are acceptable.  All service completed for these courses must be documented on x2vol and possibly copied and filed with the Director of Ministry at NDA. Teachers will not be responsible for passing information on to the Campus Ministry Office.

Service hours performed as part of a club/organization toward membership requirements in that group are acceptable (i.e. Triton Club, Student Government, Outreach Branch of Student Government, National Honor Society, etc.)

Service is only service when there is NO payment, monetary or otherwise.

Service Program Going Online

This year we are going to try and log service hours online. This is our first year to launch the program called x2vol (a shorthand for “time to volunteer”) which will help us track service hours. Below is the log in link for x2vol:

When a student goes to the link they will log in with their NDA email and the student ID number will be the password initially. After the first time a student logs in they can change the password. There will be some training on how to use the program in their theology classes every year. The most important thing to note is that for every service outing a student goes on they should get a contact person’s email address so we can verify the hours.

Campus Ministry Office

Service hours may still be completed handed into the Campus Ministry Office to be documented. However, for service hours to count toward the Service Award (30 hours) and officially counted by the school they must put into x2vol! 

A file is kept on each NDA student.  Parent(s) and students may check on their file at anytime or call the Campus Ministry Office at (920) 429-6105 for information regarding their personal file.

Service hours/files can be utilized for applications to the National Honor Society, colleges, scholarships and jobs.

Click here to download the Service Hours Form

Click here to download the Social Justice Form
(Sophomores) Click here for instructions about fulfilling the Service Hour Requirement

Five Categories of Service


All students are strongly encouraged to be active members of their parish.  Some areas of involvement are: parish picnics, mailings, babysitting, ushering, serving, reading, singing in church choir or cantering, teaching Religious Education, visiting elderly or shut-ins of that parish.   Call your parish for more information.

Hospitals/Nursing Homes, etc.

Students may help with activities that are planned for the area hospitals/nursing homes, etc. Students may consider being a volunteer, visit individuals hospitalized from their parish, visit elderly in their own neighborhood or parish. Contact your area hospitals/nursing homes for more information.

Community Organizations

Students should take note of possible service locations listed. Also pay attention to service opportunities that are given over the PA system. Service opportunities continually are called into NDA…check with Campus Ministry for suggestions.


Any service work that is completed for NDA is classified as school service. For example: working at the Packer food booth, helping tutor, liturgies, ambassadors, office work, sport camps, NDA Tritonfest, campus ministry, etc.

Social Justice

Sophomores are required to do "justice-related service," that is, direct service to a marginalized population or those who are outside of the mainstream of society, such as those cognitively, psychologically or physically handicapped, the elderly, sick and economically disadvantaged, and racial minorities.