2017-2018 DRESS CODE

General Statement:

       The purpose of the Student Dress and Grooming Code is to foster a respectful, professional learning environment with particular emphasis on neatness, modesty, and cost effectiveness. Parents or guardians are expected to support the school’s enforcement of the Student Dress and Grooming Code, thus reinforcing an environment best suited to learning and faith development.

General Guidelines:

  • Clothing must be neat, clean and free of rips/tears/fraying.
  • Clothing must not be excessively tight or excessively baggy.
  • Underclothing, with the exception of short sleeve t-shirts and solid white long-sleeved t-shirts, may not be exposed or showing
  • No outerwear, except an NDA fleece jacket or NDA uniform sweater, may be worn or carried during the school day.
  • Hats and sunglasses are to be removed upon entering the school building.


  • Solid navy blue or solid tan khaki (cotton broad cloth/Chino) dress style pants. The Elite Group and Land’s End have NDA-approved pants for purchase. Pants, regardless of where they are purchased, must be of comparable style. The NDA-website has pictures of acceptable pant styles.
  • Solid navy blue or solid tan khaki shorts and capri pants (cotton broad cloth/Chino style) may be worn from April through October. Shorts can be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Cargo and jogger shorts are not allowed.
  • Cargo pants, jogger pants, denim pants, corduroy pants, cuffed pants, excessively tight pants, such as jeggings, leggings, skinny pants and spandex are not permitted.

Click below to see a list of Acceptable Female Dress Code Pant Styles Click below to see a list of Unacceptable Male & Female Dress Code Pant Styles Click below to see a list of Acceptable Male Dress Code Pant Styles

School Skirt:

  • Solid navy blue or solid tan khaki (cotton broad cloth/Chino) style skirt. Skirts must be worn to the knee and may not be excessively tight. The Elite Group and Land’s End have NDA approved skirts for purchase.

Shoes & Socks/Hosiery:

  • Shoes and socks/hosiery must be worn at all times. Shoes must have a closed toe. Flip-flops, sandals, soft-sole moccasins, slippers and heely shoes are not permitted. Socks must cover both heels and toes.
  • Solid colored nylons, tights & socks without texture or pattern are acceptable.

All items listed below are to be purchased through The Elite Group or Land’s End by accessing the links on the NDA website. All items must have the official school logo on them.


  • Solid navy blue, solid white or solid forest green polo (long or short sleeve)
  • Solid light blue or solid white oxford; only the top two buttons may be unbuttoned


  • Solid navy blue  zipper or button down (worn with school uniform shirt)


Fleece Jacket:

  • Solid navy blue (must be worn with school uniform shirt)

 Samples are available at the NDA Atrium desk.


Friday Spirit Days:

The school administration may deem certain days as Spirit Days. Students should check the online school calendar for designated Spirit Days. On Spirit Days, official NDA apparel may be worn in place of school shirts. All other attire must fall within the dress and grooming code. Official NDA apparel refers to shirts purchased through the NDA Book Store or an NDA Club/Team.


  • All students’ hairstyles must be kept neat, clean and a natural hair color. Extreme hairstyles are prohibited.
  • Boys must be cleanly shaven. Sideburns cannot extend below the bottom of the ear.
  • A boy’s hair can be no longer than collar-length in back, not below the ears on the sides and not below the eyebrow. Pinned-up or held-up hair on boys is not acceptable.
  • Face piercing of any kind, other than ear piercing, is not permitted for either boys or girls.
  • Visible tattoos are not permitted.

Dress Code Violations: 

Parents and students are expected to abide by this Code and be motivated by the spirit of the Code. When in doubt, ask for clarification from the administration. The school reserves the right to interpret and take disciplinary action on violations of the Dress and Grooming Code. In individual circumstances, the school reserves the right to declare certain clothing or grooming unacceptable. A student is subject to disciplinary action for any dress that violates the specific requirements of the Dress and Grooming Code or the spirit of it as well. Violations are referred to and interpreted by the administration, whose decision will be final.