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Abby Comar is Triton of the Week
Abby Comar is Triton of the Week

Abby Comar, NDA 2019, is Triton of the Week for the week of April 29, 2019.

Placing great focus on her academic career at NDA, Comar is an IB Diploma Candidate, has achieved a GPA of 4.061, and received a perfect score on the English portion of the ACT. With interest in environmental science and chemistry, Comar came up with her own investigation of the effects of Carbon Dioxide absorption on the pH level in the ocean water and how it affects global warming and marine life.

Deb Corriveau, NDA Chemistry instructor, joked, "Abby actually reads the Chemistry textbook! She is willing to admit to her classmates that this novel approach has really helped her to succeed in the higher level IB Chemistry course."

Abby Comar is Triton of the Week
Abby Comar and Mr. Browne

In addition to her success in the classroom, Comar was part of the Green Bay Ice Bears girls hockey team all four years of high school, acting as team captain her senior year. She was captain of the NDA Cross Country and Track & Field teams, as well. Further, she is president of Model UN and has tallied more than 185 service hours during her four years at NDA.

"Abby is hardworking and very well-balanced. She does so well in the high level Chemistry course, but is very humble," said Corriveau. "She is friendly and willing to work with anyone in the lab."

Comar received a scholarship to attend Michigan State University where she will pursue a major in environmental science.