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Andrew Nguyen is Triton of the Week
Andrew Nguyen is Triton of the Week

Andrew Nguyen, NDA 2022, is Triton of the Week for the week of April 1, 2019.

A student who has made quite the impact on the teachers at NDA for his complete dedication to academics, Nguyen claims that his favorite extracurriculars are self-studying basic calculus and physics.

Doug Guyette, math teacher, shared, "For Andrew, learning is recreation. One day, he said he was exploring calculus and he had a couple of questions for me. I lent him one of my books, which he devoured. He derives joy from making new discoveries, is polite to everyone, is respectful to his teacher, and carries himself with humility, even though he's clearly more talented and motivated than the average student."

Andrew Nguyen Triton of the Week
Mr. Browne and Andrew Nguyen

Also involved in tennis, Anime Club, and Chess Club, Andrew " the kind of student who loves learning so much that he will go out of his way to do it," said Guyette.

Further, Greg Geiser, chess club moderator and social studies teacher, said, "Andrew is an extraordinary young man. He is very self-aware and confident, especially compared to other freshman boys."

Though Geiser does not have Nguyen in class, he expressed that Andrew takes the game of chess very seriously and is always looking to improve. "He is not afraid to bring new ideas and improvements for the club, and he teaches me the things he's learning about on a regular basis."