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Evan Connelly is Triton of the Week
Evan Connelly is Triton of the Week

Evan Connelly, NDA 2020, is Triton of the Week for the week of March 5, 2019.

Connelly is a truly impressive young man. Living with Fanconi Anemia, a rare disease affecting bone marrow, Connelly lives every day to the fullest. Cassidy McGowan, a cross country assistant coach, said, "Evan does not let any day slip by without fully applying himself. He is an exemplary student in the classroom, and an amazing person."

Having played piano for 11 years, Connelly is the second person in history to earn 100 or more stars in the All Stars Piano Festival from the Northeast Wisconsin Piano Teachers Forum, is a piano player at NDA all-school Masses, and is in his second year as a piano teacher. Chris Salerno, NDA choral director, said, "Evan is a wonderful musician who brings joy to every Mass and music ministry rehearsal."

She continued, "Evan is living every day to the fullest without knowing what will happen in the future. We should all take a lesson from him."

Evan Connelly
Evan Connelly, NDA 2020 with Mr. Shaw and Mr. Browne

Just last weekend, Connelly held his annual fundraiser to educate the community and to raise money toward Fanconi Anemia research. Raising more than $50,000 this year, Connelly and his team have raised more than $750,000 toward Fanconi Anemia research over time.

Further, Connelly earned his third degree black belt in karate, which took him 11 years to accomplish, is a percussionist in the Wind Ensemble, is the only brother to five sisters, and is a dedicated member of the cross country team.

John Gard, cross country coach, concluded, "Evan inspires each of us to live our lives without limitations. I believe this young man is capable of anything and is a true gift from God. Our cross country program has been transformed because of who he is, how hard he works, and the example he sets."