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First Semester Exams
First Semester Exams

Happy finals week! Students and teachers, we wish you the best of luck as you prepare for the final exam periods. Final exams will take place Wednesday-Friday, December 19-21.

Wednesday, December 19
8-9:25 a.m. - Period 1
9:35-10:50 a.m. - Period 2
11-12:15 - Period 8

Thursday, December 20
8-9:25 a.m. - Period 3
9:35-10:50 a.m. - Period 4
11-12:15 - Period 5

Friday, December 21
8-9:25 a.m. - Period 6
9:35-10:50 a.m. - Period 7

Dress Guidelines
Students do not need to be in uniform for exams. All school modesty and appropriateness guidelines apply. Students may wear blue jeans, denim, or sweatpants, if they wish. Students need to wear socks and closed toed shoes, as per the normal dress code. All clothes must be neat, clean, and free of rips/tears/fraying, and may not be excessively tight. Skirts must be worn to the knee. Jeggings, leggings, yoga pants, spandex, and shorts are not permitted.

What if we will be gone?
Each exam period is 75 minutes in length. Students who know that they will not be present for any exam due to travel plans or appointments must stop in the main office to pick up an anticipated absence sheet. This sheet needs to be signed by the principal.

When do we arrive?
Students do not need to arrive at school until their first exam of the day. They may leave after their last exam of the day.

If they do not have an exam during Periods 2 or 4, they are not allowed to leave campus and come back. Students will have to stay in the library or the commons for the entirety of the exam period. Busses will pick up after the last scheduled exam of the day.

What if exams are canceled due to weather?
If an exam day is canceled due to weather, the canceled exam day will be made up on January 2. For example, if the first day of exams is snowed out, we will still administer the scheduled exams on Thursday and Friday, then we will give the exams from the canceled day on January 2. Pray for good weather on exam days.

Additional study time
Students who have been coming to study tables during the week are invited to stay in the library for additional study time on Wednesday and Thursday until 2 p.m. There will be teacher assistance available.

Good luck, we are praying for you!
Please know that the entire NDA community is holding the NDA students in its prayers as they embark upon finals week.