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Nicholas Koehler is Triton of the Week
Nicholas Koehler is Triton of the Week

Nicholas Koehler, NDA 2019, is Triton of the Week for the week of May 13, 2019.

Doug Guyette, NDA math instructor, said, "Nick's strengths are his social skills and his enthusiasm for quality learning. He gets along well with his peers and teachers."

With passion for learning about history and politics, Koehler was a member of the football team and Model UN during his time at NDA.

Nick Koehler is Triton of the Week
Nick Koehler and Mr. Browne

Guyette explained that Koehler dives deeply into his interests. "If he finds a subject or a topic that interests him, usually history or politics, he will make himself an expert by absorbing all there is to learn on the subject."

This quality will serve him well at the University of Utah, where he will study next fall.

Further, Koehler possess strong interpersonal skills. Guyette shared that Koehler is easy to engage in conversation and often has unique perspectives on the world as he sees it.

Finally, Koehler has taken it upon himself to help his good friend, James Bosco, following an accident last year. "Koehler serves as a friend and anchor of normalcy," said Guyette.