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Triton of the Week - Daniel Patz
Triton of the Week - Daniel Patz

Daniel Patz, NDA senior, is Triton of the Week for the week of April 9, 2018. A positive force throughout the building, Daniel can be heard each morning wishing students, teachers, and staff a happy day.

"At the end of each day last year, Daniel would come down the hall wishing us a good evening or weekend," said Geno McKenna, Director of Events & Alumni Relations. "It often was the best part of my day. His positivity is infectious."

As part of the spring play and the drama club board, Daniel finds passion in performing. He has read intentions at an all-school Mass and participated in Mr. NDA.

Mr. Browne, Daniel Patz, Mr. Shaw

For Mr. NDA, he wrote and performed a song about his sisters. "Daniel was very dedicated to Mr. NDA. He came in and practiced a lot with his sisters," said Ms. Holly Strong, Mr. NDA adviser. "He also took all suggestions to heart!"

Daniel has been actively involved in Game Club along with Student Government throughout his high school career, as sophomore class president and representative to administration. He is also representative to the curriculum and student life board.

"Daniel has worked tirelessly as a member of Student Government. His willingness to roll up his sleeves and get to work, along with his infectious spirit have been a great value to us," said Mrs. Jennie Laaksonen, Student Government adviser. "And who can forget his eloquent readings of the dress restrictions for Fall Fest and Spring Week?"

Congratulations, Daniel Patz, for being named Triton of the Week!