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Will Templeton Named Triton of the Week
Will Templeton Named Triton of the Week

Will Templeton, NDA 2019, is Triton of the Week for the week of January 14, 2019.

As the current student body president, Templeton's job is to act as a liaison between students and administration, and NDA could not ask for a better representative to fulfill this role.

Earning the NDA Service Award and tutoring students in mathematics and English, Templeton also gives of his time to Syble Hopp School for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. When he began volunteering there, he worked with highly functional kids. As his time at Syble Hopp progressed, his role evolved into working with more challenged kids.

Taking IB, college credit, and honors classes, Templeton has achieved the high honor roll throughout high school and is a National Honor Society member. He has achieved all of this while holding down a job at Oneida Golf & Country Club since 2015.

Will Templeton
Mr. Browne, Will Templeton, Mr. Shaw

A member of the Varsity tennis team, Templeton is also a member of the Spanish Club, Chinese Club, and ASTRA Service Club.

Templeton will attend UW-Madison and has been named an Evans Scholar, which is a tuition and housing scholarship for golf caddies. Evans Scholars are selected based on their strong caddie record, excellent grades, and outstanding character.