About Us

Strategic Plan

Notre Dame Academy’s strategic plan was created to instill a vision that inspires the entire NDA community. The vision of NDA is clear, and you are part of it. By sharing your stories and helping spread the word of NDA, you, as an alumnus, parent, student, community member, or friend, are helping put the NDA vision into action.

Enhance and Develop GRACE Relationship

Strategic Priority: Enhance and Develop the GRACE Relationship

One of our most important partnerships in Catholic education includes the Green Bay Area Catholic Education (GRACE) Schools. Our relationship with GRACE is crucial to the enrollment of Notre Dame Academy and the livelihood of our Catholic community’s future. NDA has historically enrolled a majority of GRACE students, but there’s room to enroll even more.

We seek to continue to engage the students of GRACE and ensure all families know they are welcome at NDA - that we are a blend of individuals from varied geographic locations, ethnic backgrounds, and economic conditions. We are a community for all and all are welcome.

The level of engagement between GRACE and NDA has remarkable potential. We are interested in enhancing the joint activities, events, and academic partnerships available to ensure GRACE families know of the opportunities that exist within the NDA environment. We also seek to enhance our engagement with parishes, families enrolled in religious education, and the local community. Our goal is simple - we seek to grow our enrollment and to enhance the local understanding of the value of an NDA education and that must start with our Catholic education partners.

We invite you to help us share stories of how GRACE students thrive when they choose NDA. If you are aware of examples where your family or friends have experienced an excellent transition, please share that news with your neighbors, friends, and parishioners. We, too, will be increasing communication with GRACE families about the NDA experience so that they know the benefits of enrolling at this Catholic, college preparatory high school.

We should note that while this is a strategic initiative for us, we are focused, too, on enrolling students from all schools - public or private throughout the region. Know that any referral you make is important in advancing the future of NDA.

Increase Alumni and Community Engagement

Strategic Priority: Increase Alumni and Community Engagement

Our alumni are our most treasured gift. You hold a piece of the NDA story - a piece that is uniquely yours. We’d like to learn more about you and your experience.

Simply put, we are looking to further engage with you. We seek to develop a partnership with our alumni to reconnect with those we haven’t heard from in a while and strengthen the bond we have with our involved alumni. Come back and visit your alma mater to see the school in today’s form and to reminisce on your experience. Share your stories because we want to hear them. Visit with us; the teachers, students, and staff. Let us learn of your memories and traditions. Let us congratulate you on your accomplishments and successes.

If you are a graduate of St. Joseph Academy, St. Norbert High School/Abbot Pennings High School, Central Catholic/Our Lady of Premontre, or today’s Notre Dame Academy, we consider you an alumnus of one of those institutions AND an alumnus of Notre Dame Academy. We invite you to visit NDA!

Attend an event or performance and encourage your classmates and neighbors to do the same. Follow us on social media and share what’s happening at NDA with your friends and family. If you are interested in volunteering, please let us know. Or refer students to come and take a tour. Together, we will ensure a lively future at Notre Dame Academy.

Sharing Our Distinctive Story

Strategic Priority: Sharing Our Distinctive Story

A crucial strategic priority for Notre Dame Academy is telling our story. It’s important that we let families understand the value of investing in an NDA education.

Articulating our value proposition and increasing our visibility is an important part of growing our enrollment. To do that, we need to be clear on who we are:

Notre Dame Academy is a college preparatory high school in the Catholic tradition. Founded by the Norbertine Order and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet within the Diocese of Green Bay, our high-caliber educational community is focused on outstanding learning and creating a lifetime of opportunity for all students.

We have developed key messages and a strategic communications plan to assist in telling the NDA story. You’ll see these messages in our publications, on our website, and in our admission materials. We have a wonderful story to tell - one of academic distinction, prideful tradition, communio, faith, and purposeful opportunity.

We have a great story and we must tell it.

We invite you to share with us your stories and your experiences. Let us learn from you. We want to know more about your experience as a student and how that has impacted who you are today. You can help us by sharing the stories with others, forwarding our emails to friends, following NDA on social media, and sharing the posts and stories.

We also encourage you to let families know that we are committed to offering tuition assistance to those in need. We have a pool of resources to work with each year and we encourage families to apply for support. We dedicate significant time and energy to raise dollars to support students who wish to attend NDA. We are committed to making NDA available to all.

Form Partnerships that Increase and Enhance Opportunities for Students

Strategic Priority: Form Partnerships that Increase and Enhance Opportunities for Students

We seek to provide partnerships and opportunities that will create incredible experiences for our students.

These partnerships will assist both the businesses and the students participating. Think of the opportunities available for internships and career exploration for NDA students. Think about the possibility of additional programs that support our students’ higher education pursuits in STEM, engineering, biomedical, health care, etc. Dream about the possibilities that exist in partnering with the Norbertines to celebrate our history and rich traditions in ways that have never been done before.

Through our CatholicLink partnership - a unique collaboration between GRACE, NDA, and St. Norbert College -we focus on innovation, creativity, and heightening awareness of Catholic education in the region. We’re continuing conversations on further developing CatholicLink, and the opportunities are endless.

We invite you to help us think big and dream about what partnerships could assist in creating a unique environment for NDA students. Could your family or business partner with NDA to create a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship for our students? How might we work together to better our students and our community collaboratively? We seek your ideas, creativity and innovation.

Be the Leading Catholic and College Preparatory High School in Wisconsin

Strategic Priority: Be the Leading Catholic and College Preparatory High School in Wisconsin

Notre Dame Academy provides an education that is second-to-none. This includes academic excellence, a college preparatory curriculum, strong student grades and grade point averages, high ACT and SAT scores, and achieving identified benchmarks and academic standards. Our highly regarded education also includes the development of dispositions and non-cognitive skills needed to be successful in college and life, including leadership skills, perseverance, grit, self-reflection, goal setting, organizational skills, and life-long learning.

To be the best, we must also learn from the best - learn from those college preparatory high schools who are highly regarded by their alumni, parents, students, communities, and friends. We will research, prepare, and understand what NDA must do to continue to develop and grow as a leading organization. We will continue to compare ourselves against the National Catholic Educational Association standards. We will use national models to ensure we are always innovative, creative, and unique while always striving to be the best.

Please share with us your thoughts on how we are we doing. Your feedback means a great deal to the administration, our students, and the NDA community.