International Baccalaureate

About IB

As a non-profit educational foundation, IB’s mission is to create a better world through education by offering international education. The program focuses on intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills needed to live, learn, and work in a rapidly globalizing world. Learn more about IB.

IB is an optional two year program of rigorous learning during a student’s junior and senior years. Students can choose to be IB Diploma Candidates or they can choose course in more of an a la cart fashion. Many universities offer college credit for IB courses taken in high school.

International Baccalaureate


  • 503: Seats occupied in 18 IB classes
  • 31: IB Trained Employees
  • 17: Class of 2018 IB Diploma Candidates
  • 32: Class of 2019 IB Diploma Candidates
  • 22: Class of 2020 IB Diploma Candidates

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