New Students

Tuition Grants

Tuition grant and WPCP applications are open now through April 20. If you have questions, please contact the business office at (920) 429-6108.

BYOD and School Supplies

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
NDA requires each student to bring his/her own device each day. Learn more about NDA’s BYOD program.

School Supplies
It is suggested to have an ample amount of notebooks, binders/folders, pens, and pencils. Please advise your child to communicate with individual teachers regarding specific supplies for individual classes.

Athletic Calendar and Team Meetings

A complete list of athletic team meetings and start dates is available.

Big Buddy Program

Your big buddy, a current NDA student, will be reaching out to you this summer to be a resource for you and to answer questions as you prepare for high school. Your big buddy will also be available to help during the first few days of school.

Summer Reading Requirements

NDA holds the expectation that each student will read at least two books during the summer. Learn more about the NDA Fr. Charles E. Rentmeester Memorial Library.