Alumni Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Bylaws

Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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Article I: Purpose

The purpose of the Triton Academic & Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor those, living or deceased, who have brought distinction to themselves and Notre Dame Academy and /or its legacy schools (St. Joseph Academy, St. Norbert High School, Central Catholic High School, Premontre High School, and Abbot Pennings High School) through their achievement, commitment and leadership in academics, professional endeavors and athletics.

Article II: Membership

A. Individuals: Hall of Fame inductees may include alumni, faculty, coaches, administrators or friends of the NDA or legacy school community.

B. Teams: Teams that are exceptionally distinguished through outstanding achievement or significant accomplishment may also be considered. All coaches, players, managers and statisticians of inducted teams will be included in the induction.

Article III: Committee

The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of the following members:

Standing Members: NDA President and/or Principal (ex-officio – does not vote, but can offer input and has final approval on inductees), Director of Events/Alumni Relations, Director of Athletics and two Faculty Members (all ex-officio).

At-large Members: Five alumni or friends representing a cross-section of decades. The terms of at-large Members shall be 3 years. Future Members shall be selected by the five at-large Members. The Hall of Fame Chairperson shall be selected by the Committee. The Chairperson’s term is three years and the chair may serve for as long as nine years with Committee approval. While there are no explicit qualifications for at-large committee members, care shall be exercised to select members who have knowledge of the history and traditions of NDA and its legacy schools and are representative of the various periods of that history. Members of the Committee must abstain from voting if a member of his/her immediate family or relative is proposed. The Committee will be responsible for the selection of Hall of Fame inductees. The Committee will meet every year to vote on candidates for the Hall of Fame. The Committee shall induct seven (7) members into the Academic Division of the Hall of Fame in the following categories: Arts, Science, Education, Business, Humanitarianism, Ministry and Military Service. The Committee shall induct seven (7) members into the Athletic Division of the Hall of Fame as well as one or two exceptionally distinguished teams. The Committee shall vote on the nominees it determines suitable for consideration. A minimum positive vote of 75% of members present is required for induction.

Article IV: Nominations

The Hall of Fame Committee will develop the Nomination Form upon which nominations will be made. The form must be completed and the qualifications of the proposed inductee must be clearly set forth in the form.

Nominations may be made by anyone; however self-nominations or unsigned/anonymous nominations will not be accepted. Nominations for consideration may be made by the Committee or by public nominations. Applications for nominations are available on the NDA website (under Alumni, Hall of Fame tabs). Nominations must be received by a specified deadline to be considered for the current induction class. The Committee shall have the discretion to narrow the field of nominees. Nomination forms will be archived and reviewed annually if a nominated candidate is not inducted for the current class.

Article V: Eligibility / Criteria

Alumni, coaches, teams, administrators and friends/supporters shall be eligible for induction subject to the criteria below. All nominees must represent the NDA and legacy school traditions of excellence and the mission of Notre Dame Academy.

Alumni, Coaches, Teams:

  • Eligible 10 years after graduation from high school (i.e. 2008 graduate for 2018 induction).
  • Must be a graduate of NDA or legacy school. The Committee will have discretion in unique, special circumstances (i.e. death, accident).
  • Candidates for the Academic Division for the seven (7) individual field categories (Arts, Science, Education, Business, Humanitarianism, Ministry and Military Service) must demonstrate achievement, character and leadership in academic pursuits in high school and in career/volunteer pursuits beyond high school (in the specified categories) that merit special recognition.
  • Athlete candidates for the Athletic Division must demonstrate athletic ability, sportsmanship, character, contribution to team and the game(s) he/she participated in. The Committee may also consider post-graduate activities including college and professional experience.
  • Coach candidates for the Athletic Division must have had 10 years coaching experience at NDA or legacy school. (The committee may make exceptions in unique, special circumstances.) The nominees must be inactive. Accomplishments must have merited league and/or statewide recognition, as well as made significant contributions to the athletic programs at NDA or a legacy school. Coaching ability, loyalty to NDA or legacy school, leadership, character, athletic expertise, significant contributions to their teams and the sports they coached must be demonstrated.
  • Team candidates for the Athletic Division must be of championship caliber.

Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Friends/Supporters:

  • Administrator, Faculty and Staff candidates for the Academic or Athletic Division must demonstrate exceptional leadership, character, loyalty, passion for, and support of, the success of NDA or legacy school athletics and/or academics is paramount. The nominees must be inactive.
  • Supporter and Friend candidates for the Academic or Athletic Division must demonstrate exemplary commitment to the success of academic and athletic programs of NDA or legacy school.

Article VI: Voting Procedures

  • The Committee shall review all candidates based on information available at the time of the selection meeting (April of each year).
  • After open discussion about candidates, the Committee shall call for a vote for the purpose of selecting inductees. To be accepted into the Hall of Fame the nominee must receive a 75% approval rating from all voting members.
  • The voting process will be kept confidential.
  • Candidates are to be presented to the President by the Selection Committee for his/her review by May 1. The President may veto any candidate presented by the Committee for induction if in his/her judgement, the candidate does not exemplify the highest standards of character, leadership and sportsmanship as described in Section V. This must be done in writing to the Committee, with justification for rejection followed by an appeal process to open the discussion of whether or not to induct the candidate.
  • Hall of Fame selections will be announced after the individual/teams have been notified and their acceptance of the induction and participation in the ceremony are verified.

Article VII: Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

  • The Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will occur every year towards the start of the school year during Alumni Weekend.
  • The Director of Events & Alumni Relations will oversee the planning of the ceremony.
  • Inductees are guests of honor at the ceremony.
  • New members of the Hall of Fame will be presented with a Hall of Fame memento and their names will be listed in the Hall of Fame section of the Notre Dame Academy website under the “Alumni/Friends” menu.

Hall of Fame Timeline

April 20: Application Deadline
Late April: Committee Review of Nominations
May 1: Final Review
May: Notify Inductees
August/September: Hall of Fame Event (during Alumni Weekend)

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees

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Hall of Fame Members

2019 Inductees

Academics Division
Arts: Kevin Harlan, PHS 1978 
Education: Jeff Kaftan, APHS 1981 
Military: Col. Les Rentmeester, SNHS 1937 
Science: Joe Pierre, NDA 2004

Athletic Division
Brian Buss, PHS 1982 
Todd Danen, APHS 1973
Jenny Everson-Wallberg, SJA 1979 
Kevin Heuvelmans, PHS 1973 NDA 
Lauren Sesselmann, NDA 2001 SJA 
Joe Walker, NDA 2004

Legends Division
Fred Dillon
John Zegers

Sr. Ella Kaster, CSJ, SJA 1943
Helen Reince

State Title Teams
NDA Girls Golf 2006
SJA Girls Softball 1987 and 1988