Distinguished Alumnus/a Awards
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Please fill out and return the nomination form by February 15. Now is your chance to honor distinguished alumni from Notre Dame Academy and its legacy schools (St. Joseph Academy, Central Catholic High School, St. Norbert High School, Abbot Pennings High School, and Premontre High School) for their contributions to our community and the world. Here at NDA, we rely on recommendations from the Notre Dame Academy family to identify potential honorees as part of our President's Dinner Program. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

Distinguished Alumnus/a Selection Process

Nomination Process:
  • Inform all constituencies of the award
  • Stress nominators need to make the case for their nominees. Nominating letters should be specific as to why a nominee deserves the award. In most cases, the Awards Committee comes to know the candidates only through the letters and articles the nominator supplies.
Selection Process:
  • Accumulate all nominee forms that are eligible for the award
  • Nominees are carried forward on the active consideration list for three years
  • Current members of NDA Boards are not eligible for the award
  • Mail information form and questionnaire to all nominees
  • Purpose: to determine if nominee is interested and to confirm information / achievements
  • Convene Awards Committee to select top candidate(s)
  • Awards Committee to review previous award recipients to ensure that a variety of professions are represented over time
  • Congratulatory notes sent to recipient by President
  • Public announcement of award
  • Presentation at the President’s Dinner
President's Dinner 2018

Past Awards Recipients

Notre Dame Academy is proud of its alumni. At the President's Dinner each year, two awards are presented: the Founders Award and Distinguished Alumni Awards.

To view this year's winners, along with past recipients, click below within the accordion.

Founders Award Recipients (1991-present)

The Notre Dame Academy Founders Award is presented to an individual, couple, or organization, for its longstanding support of Catholic education and Notre Dame Academy. Recipients will have demonstrated support for Catholic education in Northeast Wisconsin, while giving of time, talent, or gifts to Notre Dame Academy.

2019 Founders Award Recipients
Dick Hietpas

Past Founders Award Recipients
2018: Joan and Roy Smits
2017: Fr. Paul Demuth
2016: Kay Van Grunsven and Joy Bougie
2015: Cecile Faller
2014: Edward & Terri Martin and John & Vicki Fabry
2013: Dr. Karen Camilli
2012: Don & Gail DeMeuse
2011: Jeff Gracyalny
2010: William “Red” Lewis
2009: Sr. Pat Clement, CSJ
2008: The Bill & Norma Calawerts Family
2007: The Norbertines of St. Norbert Abbey
2006: William P. Harrington, Jr.
2005: Don Schneider
2004: Michael Riordan
2003: Paul & Carol Shierl
2002: Patrick Ryan & Judy Tweet Howald
2001: Leo & Fran Frigo
2000: Rev. Dan Radecki, O.Praem.
1999: Mark Warpinski
1998: Wayne & Ginger Micksch
1997: Thomas Olejniczak
1996: Richard White
1995: Diane Liebmann
1994: Isidore & Carol Kwaterski
1993: Harold Neville, Jr.
1992: Don & Anne LaViolette
1991: Lewis A. Konop

To acquire the biography of one of the recipients, please email

Distinguished Alumnus/a Award (2000-present)

The Distinguished Alumnus/a Award honors distinguished service and achievements of alumni who reflect the values of our Catholic high schools. Alumni from Notre Dame Academy, St. Joseph Academy, St. Norbert High School, Central Catholic High School, Premontre High School, and Abbot Pennings High School are eligible to receive the award. To nominate someone for the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award, please complete this form. Contact Char Dunlap,, for more information regarding the awards.

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients:
Mary (LaMere) Burich, SJA 1988
Dr. Joel Hein, NDA 2019

Past Distinguished Alumnus/a Recipients
2018: Eileen M. (Gallagher) Burnett, SJA 1974
2018: William J. VandeCastle, PHS 1972
2017: Gary Gigot, PHS 1968
2017: Tom Blaney, PHS 1968
2016: Patrick Rank, APHS 1963
2016: Gerald Mortell, III, APHS 1977
2015: Patton C. Prunty, NDA 1995
2015: Dr. Donald P. Kommers, SNHS 1950
2014: Col. Lester F. Rentmeester, SNHS 1937
2014: Susan E. Brusky, NDA 2007
2013: Herbert C. Liebmann, III, PHS 1960
2012: Kenneth E. Blaney, PHS 1974
2011: James F. Prosser, CCHS 1950
2010: Margaret (Maggie) Dietz, SJA 1991
2009: Rev. Monsignor Roy M. Klister, APHS 1961
2008: Hung V. Nguyen, PHS 1991
2007: Jane R. (Bougie) Schueller, SJA 1977
2006: Leonard C. Liebmann, SNHS 1932
2005: Sister Helen Rottier, CSJ, SJA 1959
2004: Roy M. Smits, CCHS 1955
2003: Sister Ella Kaster, CSJ, SJA 1943
2002: Justice N. Patrick Crooks, PHS 1956
2001: Rt. Rev. E. Thomas DeWane, O. Praem., CCHS 1950
2000: Paul N. Gigot, APHS 1973

To acquire the biography of one of the recipients, please email

Hall of Fame Award (2000-2012)

In 2012, the Hall of Fame Award was combined with the Distinguished Alumnus/a Award.

2011: Timothy Zoch, NDA 1992
2010: Paul M. Miller, NDA 1994
2009: Mary Rose (Geimer) Orcutt, NDA 1995
2008: Miranda K. (Williams) Paul, NDA 2000
2007: Natalie N. Berglin, NDA 2003
2006: Peter J. Weiss, 2001
2005: Darren Rankin, NDA 1992
2004: Christina (Healy) Zahner, NDA 1993
2003: Wayne Lin, NDA 1999
2002: Christopher Johnson and David Johnson, NDA 1992
2001: Rebecca (Bennett) Giddens, NDA 1996
2000: Michael Rader, NDA 1992