Beginning August 1, NDA is implementing its partnership with Magnus, which assists in electronically collecting required forms (medicine, health, field trip permission slips, etc.) and information from families.

A pamphlet was sent home to each family on July 30. You can find the Magnus pamphlet here. Please see below for complete details regarding Magnus. If you have questions, feel free to contact us (920) 429-6100.

Student Information & Access to Information

How do I access my Magnus account and why must I use PowerSchool?
Your dedicated PowerSchool parent account login, verifies the e-signature used in Magnus is your signature. The PS parent login is how Magnus guarantees the security of its system and how it complies with the ESIGN acts.

Why are you asking for student health information?
NDA is committed to the best possible care for your student while he/she is under our care. Magnus provides a way for you to communicate necessary information with us, so we can respond with the best support to you and your child. With approximately 800 students, it is impossible for us to remember the details of every child.

Who will have access to my child’s information?
NDA has carefully thought through this process in order to ensure confidentiality. Magnus gives us varying levels of security and control over the access to a student’s information. This is one of the key reasons we chose this software. Like before, access to information will continue to be on a “need to know” basis. To that end, below is the information that will be available to these roles:


Access to Information

Specific Access


Main Office Staff

Most Access

  • Viewing and editing all information in Magnus
  • Primary administrators of software
  • Primary caregiver to students during the school day
  • Ability to help parents complete the forms
  • Athletic Trainer

    Some Limitations

    • Parent contact information for all students
    • View all medical information for all students
    • Medical professional
    • Trainer supports all students (not just athletes
    • Provide the best care for your student

    Athletic Director

    Some Limitations (Same access as Athletic Trainer)

    • Parent contact information for all students
    • View all medical information for all students
    • Supervisor of Coaches
    • Support Coaches if Trainer or Main Office is not available


    Some Limitations (Same access as Athletic Trainer)

    • Parent contact information for all students
    • View all medical information for all students
    • Provide the best care for your student
    • Awareness of medical information when talking with student


    Limited Access

    • Parent contact information for players only
    • View medical information for players only
    • Athletics impact student health

    Teacher/Staff Field Trip Chaperones

    Limited Access

    • Parent contact information for all students
    • Based on length of trip and trip itinerary, medical information for participants only
    • Access to medical information will only be given just prior to departure
    • Access will revert to previous settings upon return
    • Primary caregiver during a field trip

    Teachers & Non-Teaching Staff

    Limited Access

    • Parent contact information for all students
    • Limited health information needed for an emergency (allergy, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma)
    • Medical accommodations for specific students in their class (i.e. concussion protocol, crutches, etc.)
    • Necessary information to provide care to any student during an emergency
    • PowerSchool does not give parent contact information for all students to teachers - this is important for an emergency or for club/student activity moderators

    What if there is an emergency involving my student, how will I know if the right adult has access to the vital health information needed to help my student?
    Magnus gives each student a unique 16 digit number (called “Magnus 911”); all staff will have access to this number. In the event of a medical emergency, a staff member would go to a secure website and enter the Magnus 911 number of the student involved. Full access to the student’s confidential medical records will be accessible to the staff member for 24 hours. You have the option to be notified immediately if your child’s Magnus 911 number has been used to access confidential information. NDA highly recommends that parents set this option to have Magnus notify them if their child’s record is accessed. Our main office staff will also be notified. We trust our teachers and staff members will only use this option if your student has a significant medical event that warrants access to this information.

    If my child does not have medical issues, do I still need to submit information on Magnus?
    Yes. In the event of an unforeseen medical emergency, the medical information you provide will help our staff respond as quickly and effectively as possible. Magnus will also be used for field trip forms and other forms when parent contact information is required.

    Will the information I enter carry over from year to year?
    Yes. Each year you will be asked to fill out the required annual forms. However, once you have filled them out, Magnus will ask you if there are any changes from the previous year. If there are no changes, it is a couple clicks on the computer/smartphone to finish those requirements.

    How will I know if there are requirements I need to complete?
    Magnus will send you an email to notify you a new requirement was added and needs to be completed. Magnus will also notify you when a field trip permission form or other document needs to be filled out. Reminder emails will be sent until the requirement or form is completed and signed.

    Am I able to copy information from one child to the next?
    Yes. Once you have registered your first student, there is a link in the Vital Health Record to “Copy Sibling Info”. After you click the link, you will be able to choose what information you want copied to which child.

    How do I add medication changes to my student’s account?
    In order to update your child’s Magnus account to reflect a prescription change, you will need to log into your PowerSchool Parent account, click on the Magnus Health link, and update the Vital Health Record (Medication section) and change the answer to the conditional questions to access the required forms. Please inform the Main Office of any changes to your child’s medication. Please remember all medication brought to school for administering to your student (prescription and non-prescription) must be presented to the Main Office in the original container. This could be a box with pill packs, pharmaceutical bottle, etc.

    Why are you asking for “Healthcare Provider?"
    “Healthcare Provider” is a default (unchangeable) header in the software. NDA only asks for “Hospital Preference” under this header in the event we are unable to reach you and your student requires transportation to a hospital.

    What if my contact information changes?
    Just as you normally would, please contact the main office to inform them of changes and our staff will make the necessary corrections in PowerSchool.

    • If it is an e-mail change, PowerSchool updates this information in Magnus daily to ensure Magnus is current.
    • If it is an address or phone number change, please go to your students Vital Health Record in Magnus and update this information under “Emergency Contacts.” Once it is changed, it will be “live.”

    Magnus “Print, Sign & Upload” Features

    How do I submit forms that need to be printed and signed (such as those that require a physician signature)?
    First, you will need to print the required form from your student’s Magnus requirement list or from the school website. Copies are also available in the Main Office.

    Second, after all the requisite signatures are obtained, Magnus offers several convenient ways for you to submit the forms: 1.) You can take a picture of the form and upload the JPEG image right into your student’s account using your smartphone 2.) You can mail/fax the form to Magnus (number provided in Magnus) and Magnus will upload it. 3.) Our friendly main office staff is able to help you scan and upload the documents.

    If I mail/fax my form to Magnus for them to upload it, do I need to submit a cover sheet for every required form in my account?
    Yes. When you mail or fax your records to Magnus, you must use the cover sheet. The numbers across the top of the cover sheet tell the Magnus system where to store each record. The cover sheet lists in bold type which document it must be paired with when submitting. Without the cover sheet, the form you submit will not be attached to the requirement. Please note Magnus requests you do not staple or paperclip the cover sheets to the records as doing so damages the records.

    If I need to submit an Action Plan for Allergies, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy or other medical conditions, do I have to use the form provided by Magnus?
    Yes, if your doctor did not give you something else. If your doctor gave you a different Action Plan document, you do not need to use the Magnus form. You can upload your doctor’s form to your student’s account in place of the Magnus form.

    Magnus Reminders & Help

    Are the deadlines in the “email reminders” final or can I submit my records after the due date?
    Yes they are final. You must turn in your required records by the due date listed in the reminder email. These due dates are set to give our office staff time to complete all of the managerial pieces they need to complete for those records. Please keep in mind that some of the forms have to be signed by a physician and therefore may take longer to complete.

    How do I access the Magnus portal?
    You access the Magnus Health Portal through your Parent PowerSchool account. You must have a parent account for Powerschool. After you log in as a parent, you will have the option to access Magnus Health or other PowerSchool features.

    Will this option appear under my student’s PowerSchool account?
    No, it will only appear after you log in as a parent, using your parent username and password. On the left side of the screen, click on “Magnus Health.”

    How do I reach Magnus with questions?

    1. Try the Magnus Health Support Page: The Parent section of the Support page has step-by-step articles to assist you with the most common questions, along with helpful training videos and FAQs.
    1. Contact the Magnus Help Desk
      1. Call: 1-877-461-6831 (Mon. - Thurs. 9 AM - 6 PM, Fri. 9 AM - 5 PM)
      2. Email:
    2. ‘Live Chat’ with the Magnus support team. Within your Magnus account, select the “Need Help” button to chat with the Magnus Help Desk staff. Parents can use this for assistance with form submission and account troubleshooting.

    What if I need help entering the information/completing the requirements in Magnus?

    1. You can contact Magnus and their customer service is willing to help.
    2. You can call or visit our Main Office staff, and they will assist.
    3. Our staff will be available at Book Pick-Up Days in the Computer Lab, room 113 (next to the Library).