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COVID-19 Procedures

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Notre Dame Academy is required by Brown County Health and Human Services to conduct contact tracing for both classrooms and athletics.

Students who are ill with COVID-19 will access classroom materials through Google classroom. Once a week teachers will conduct an open a Zoom meeting to meet with any students who are not in class. This is considered remote instruction due to illness and is not an option for virtual instruction. 

To report a positive COVID-19 test or close contact, please contact NDA's main office at (920) 429-6186.

Adapted procedures for NDA from the Diocese of Green Bay guidelines:
Based on updated data from the CDC and DPI, the following guidelines are recommended for schools. Please note we follow standard procedures for close contacts.

Exposures, Contact Tracing

a. If a staff member or student tested positive for COVID-19, the staff member or student must isolate for a minimum of 10 days. Parents should report a diagnosed case of COVID-19 to Joey Rickards in the school office at (920) 429-6186.

b. The school will require all students of the same household to stay home if there is a positive test in the home or anyone in the household is symptomatic and awaiting results.

c. The school will contact trace, alert parents if their child was a close contact (within 24 hours of being notified) and require masking for students who were close contacts for 14 days (regardless of vaccination status). All close contacts will be required to mask for two weeks and stay in school unless symptoms develop.

d. If a student who has been in close contact develops symptoms, that student must be kept at home and parents must present a negative PCR test for the student to be readmitted to school.

e. The school will track the number of positive cases. If the total number of positive students exceeds 10 concurrent cases and is greater than three households (1.5% of the student population), all members of the school community will be required to wear masks for two weeks. 

f. Notification will be made by the principal if COVID-19 cases meet or exceed the 1.5% standard. Faculty, staff and students will be required to mask until notified by the principal that the concurrent cases have dipped below 10.

g. Students who are required to mask while in school are required to have both their mouth and nose covered. A student may be issued a referral for ‘Conduct Around the Building’ if they fail to comply with expected masking protocols. This will be considered a disciplinary issue.


a. Face masks are required on school buses and vans.

b. At the current time, masking at NDA is highly recommended but optional for those that have not been deemed a close contact of a person who is positive for COVID-19.

Updated Oct. 4, 2021
Read an email regarding the updates to the COVID-19 procedures