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A photo of students walking in the hall at Notre Dame Academy

2019-20 Service Award List

The following students completed at least 30 hours of service during the 2019-20 school year.

Commitment to service is part of Notre Dame Academy's mission and these students embodied that with their efforts through school, a parish, hospital/nursing home, community organizations and social justice.

Class of 2023

Federrico A.

Lauren C.

Ethan C.

Aidan E.

Morgan E.

Jackson F.

Margaret F.

Delaney G.

Anika G.

Jeremy J.

Amelia L.

Emmett L.

Olivia P.

Perla Q.

James S.

Emma S.

Joseph S.

William V.


Class of 2022

Triston B.

Emily B.

Baylee B.

Anna B.

Kylie C.

Joseph D.

Josiah F.

Molly F.

Faith F.

Meah G.

Samuel G.

Kathleen G.

Anna G.

Grace G.

Abigail H.

Sarah H.

Maryssa J.

Alan J.

Iana J.

Bryce K.

William K.

Molly K

Megan K.

Perla L.

Grace N.

Elizabeth P.

Joseph P.

Mary P.

Maxwell R.

Sophia R.

Anna S.

Skylar S.

Nicholas S.

Olivia S.

Olivia S.

Margaret T.

Caroline V.

Kaitlyn V.

Nicole W.

Eilliot Z.


Class of 2021 

Jennifer A.

Julia A.

Faith B.

Owen C.

Thomas C.

Briana F.

Alexander G.

Tara J.

Juliah L.

Heidi L.

Abigail M.

Claire N.

Ethan O.

David P.

Matthew S.

Alexandra S.

Emma S.

Samantha T.

Ava V.

Riley V.

Allison W.

Austin W.

Aiden W.

Anna Z.


Class of 2020

Leya A.

Catharina B.

Clara B.

Owen B.

Karen C.

Katherine C.

Olivia C.

Sydney D.

Hannah G.

Elizabeth H.

Ashley L.

Sydney L.

Ellen M.

Cassidy N.

Caragan O.

Helena P.

Molly R.

Alexander R.

Samuel V.

Madison V.

Charles W.

Evan W.

Sophia W.

Benjamin Z.

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