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Faith and Lent With Fr. Brad

With Ash Wednesday behind us, we are now in the Lenten season. While Lent can often be reduced to a time where we give up chocolate, soda or maybe some extra TV time, there is much more to this season. Lent is an opportunity to reset ourselves. This season is meant to be a challenge because it is less about shrinking waistlines and more about shrinking behaviors and actions that keep us away from who we are called to be by the Lord. Instead, we are called to grow in the practices of fasting, prayers, and almsgiving (charity).

This has made its way around social media, and who knows if the Pope actually said it or not, but consider the possibility of fasting from one of these things up as you continue to grow in relationship with the Lord.

  • Fast from hurting words and say kind words.
  • Fast from sadness and be filled with gratitude.
  • Fast from anger and be filled with patience.
  • Fast from pessimism and be filled with hope.
  • Fast from worries and trust in God.
  • Fast from complaints and contemplate simplicity.
  • Fast from pressures and be prayerful.
  • Fast from bitterness and fill your heart with joy.
  • Fast from selfishness and be compassionate to others.
  • Fast from grudges and be reconciled.
  • Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.

About Notre Dame Academy: Notre Dame Academy is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and is a co-ed Catholic high school founded by the Norbertine Order, Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and the Diocese of Green Bay. NDA’s distinctive history embraces the more than 120-year foundation of St. Joseph Academy, Abbot Pennings High School and Our Lady of Premontre High School. NDA offers a globally focused education with a leading IB Diploma Program. Its high-caliber educational community is focused on outstanding learning and creating a lifetime of opportunity for all students.