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NCHS recognizes 12 students

Written by Mrs. Jane Hall

I challenge you to meet me on common ground.  It is in that spirit we gathered on April 28 as the National Chinese Honor Society of NDA to recognize 12 members for their outstanding performance and outreach to the global community. 

As members, each is called and challenged to search for knowledge and understanding of the Chinese language and culture, as well as a commitment and dedication of our own citizenship, leadership and community service.

One of Mrs. Zhang’s Senior students and recipient of the NCHS award, Maxwell McLean (an Ashwaubenon High School student who attends Notre Dame Academy for  Mandarin class) said, “For the past four years learning Mandarin Chinese has been transformative.  I have not only learned another language, but another way of thinking.  Mandarin class has taught me the skills necessary to be an effective listener and communicator in Mandarin. But more so, it has broadened my perspective and furthered my capacity for empathy and understanding.  Primarily, Mandarin has allowed me to actively recenter my perspective. Our world is greater than what we see ourselves, and learning another language, culture, and experience has helped break me from my isolated point of view.”

We are grateful to our principal, Mr. Browne, for sharing words of affirmation and confirmation of our Mandarin program. We would also like to thank, Fr. Christian for his prayerful reflection in his native language.

Congratulations to all inductees! And thank you to Mrs. Zhang for sharing her culture and knowledge of language with our community making us all more aware and appreciative of the world around us.

National Chinese Honor Society

Back row: Mr. Browne, Soo-Yin Brown, Anna Zimmmermann, Alexa Vande Corput, Sarah Petroll, Maxwell McLean, Sofia Algas, Jenniffer Ai, Mrs.Zhang.

Front row: Belle Mae Williams, Katherine Zasuly, Alan Schneider, Mary Popkey, Elise Lin.

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