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Nurse's Notes: Reporting and Testing

Welcome to a new school year! I hope you're all staying well.

Reporting and testing for COVID-19
When your child is sick, if he or she is having two or more symptoms of illness, it is required that you provide a PCR COVID-19 test to return to school, whether the student is fully vaccinated or not. Of course there are plenty of causes of illness, including allergies, but what's really important, especially since we are observing an optional masking policy, is that we work together to keep COVID-19 out of the building. Please be sure you're reporting your child's symptoms when calling attendance to report an illness. If your child or someone in your household does test positive for COVID-19, please alert attendance promptly by calling (920) 429-6186.

Please continue to respect each family's choice regarding vaccines and encourage your students to do the same. Thank you to those families who chose to participate in the onsite vaccine clinic. Every vaccinated student (and family member) is one more piece of the puzzle helping to maintain in-person learning, which is everyone's goal. Please continue to report when your child becomes fully vaccinated. We need you to supply the dates of your child's vaccines and we can adjust Magnus for you.

Q: Why do students who are sick have to test if they are fully vaccinated?

A: Testing is necessary because those who are vaccinated can still contract and pass the virus to others. The purpose of the vaccine (similar to influenza vaccines), is that aside from potentially preventing contracting COVID-19 altogether, the vaccine increases immunity so that if one does contract the virus, he/she will be less ill or asymptomatic.

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