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Yearbook photo of the 1970 Premontre Football team
  • Legends Division

The first direction from the coaching staff to the players and parents, “once he commits to the team - it’s attitude. Remember, excuses are like crutches, good for the weak and lame.” The 1970 Premontre Cadet football team possessed size and athletic ability rarely seen at the high school level. Would there be excuses or would this team realize its outstanding potential? The answer was a resounding yes to the latter.

Premontre ran roughshod over the FVCC schedule with an undefeated conference record. A key victory came against Manitowoc Roncalli, the prior year state champion. Roncalli left the game defeated 25-0, gaining no yards rushing and no yards passing.

The entire defensive team was elected Green Bay Press Gazette’s “Player of the Week” after that game. An amazing team statistic reported by the Press Gazette was that the Premontre defense held opponents to a total of 87 total yards rushing for the entire season.

The Cadets were the top-ranked team in the state among both public and private schools by week 8 with an 8-0 record. They held that ranking through the rest of their undefeated season. Premontre defeated Don Bosco in the first round of the playoffs in Milwaukee. The Cadets would face La Crosse Aquinas in the state championship game at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison.

On the way to Madison, the team bus drove onto the Green Bay Packers practice field for a surprise pep talk from Coach Bart Starr. The team disembarked and were surrounded by the Packers players who could not get over how a high school team could have several players bigger than Packers players. The defensive front averaged 6’4” and 250 pounds. The team proceeded to shut out Aquinas in the championship game and to finish the season undefeated.

The team fulfilled its potential and the individual accolades followed. One player was elected an All-American, rarely achieved in Green Bay. Players were elected to All-State and Premontre dominated the All-Conference and All-Metro teams. Eight players received Division I scholarships, while 12 others played Division II and III college football. There were coach of the year accolades as well. It certainly was “the year of the Cadets.” No excuses needed.

Yearbook photo of the 1970 Premontre Football team

From left to right. Sitting in front: Manager Mark VanSchyndle, Trainer and Head Manager Tim Schumacher, Manager and Assistant Trainer Rick Maes. Front row: Assistant Coach Dr. Al Mancheski, Bob Simons, Paul Nistler, Larry Herlache, John Puissant, John Bodilly, Steve Boex, Jerry Wied, Dennis Clark, Gary Rotherham, Jim Johnson, Bob Patzke, Dave Brunette, Dan Hoehne, and Al Sippel. Second row: Principal Fr. Stan Joppe, Bob Ouradnik, Dan Ball, Mike Hudak, Bob Blashe, Chris Raymaker, Tom Wetts, Bob Przybelski, Larry Jacques, Tom Fritsch, Jim Lindeman, Jeff Holzer, Tom Bettis, Todd Taylor, Chris Kirschling, and Coach Dean Maki. Third row: Head Coach Ron Miller, Coach Dick Hietpas, Gary DeVillers, Joe DeBonville, Dale Steeno, Rick Lemerond, Doug Buth, Dan Wilson, Ron Metzner, Terry Young, Guy LoCascio, Joe Koury, Dave Mueller, Steve Brunmeier, Mark O’Brien, Jim Kaster, Bob DeGroot, Rick Jandrain, Coach Doug Brozek, Coach Tom Lemorande, and Football Moderator Fr. Kenan Virlee. Not Pictured: Pat Burke, Bob Tease, and Pete Camper.

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