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Photo of Fr. Gery Meehan, O. Praem.
  • Legends Division
Photo of Fr. Gery Meehan, O. Praem.

Fr. Gery Meehan grew up in a rented row house that looked out over the river in Philadelphia, PA. His mother and father were both immigrants from County Donegal in Ireland. Fr. Gery attended Southeast Catholic High School in Philadelphia. Witnessing the deep faith and courage of his parents and having met some very fine Norbertines during his high school career, Fr. Gery decided to join the Order in his senior year. There was no abbey to go to in Philadelphia, so he had to leave and embark on a trek that would lead him to St. Norbert Abbey.

In the 1955-56 academic year, Fr. Gery was a senior at SNC, taking a full load of classes, majoring in Philosophy and Latin. During that year, a teacher at SNHS got sick and the school was in need of a long term substitute. Fr. Gery was told to teach one junior English class at the high school during his senior year in college. After he graduated from SNC in the spring of 1956, he became a part-time teacher at SNHS, teaching two classes of Latin. During this time, he was also a full-time theology student preparing for the priesthood. After he was ordained in 1960, he became a full-time teacher at APHS, teaching Latin, Religion, English, and French. His resume at APHS included faculty (1960-79) and principal (1979- 90). After the closing of APHS, Fr. Gery was a faculty member and pastor at SNC. Fr. Gery passed away in 2017 and the Squire logo is etched in his crypt.

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