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Photo of Fred Dillon
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Photo of Fred Dillon

A memorial in the St. Norbert High School 1958 Yearbook reads:

Fred Dillon, January 8, 1909-March 23, 1957 – ‘The Era of Fred Dillon’ ended at SNHS on March 23, 1957. Most people knew Fred as the coach of SNHS for more than 25 years. During that time, he produced more championship teams than any other coach in this part of the country. He inspired mediocre teams to be real champions. He won his first state Catholic basketball championship in his early 20s. His last one was won just two weeks before he died at the age of 48.

Yet, the greatness of Fred Dillon was not shown only in his athletic achievements. He was a real friend to all SNHS students. The story of his charity to those who were in need may never be known to us. Over the years, he helped many of “his boys.” Each year, hundreds of them wrote to him and he answered every letter.”

Fred coached SNHS to six Catholic school state basketball championships between 1936 and 1957. In his years as a coach, his teams posted a record of 312-124-1. Fred had a 75-30-4 record as football coach and coached to two St. Norbert College-sponsored Catholic High School boxing team titles. Post-World War II, Fred coached six football, seven basketball and two baseball conference champions. Before winning his last basketball state title, which was the first in WCIAA history, Coach Dillon left his hospital bed to attend the first-ever regional game at

Premontre High School and stayed to the end to inspire his team to victory. He was presented the state trophy in his hospital bed and died two weeks later.

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