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Photo of Grant Killoran
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Photo of Grant Killoran

Grant (Skip) Killoran (posthumous), CCHS 1956, taught and coached at PHS He was a born leader and loved being part of the PHS community. As an English teacher, he also was an influential coach of PHS’s basketball, tennis, and track teams. He is fondly remembered by his students and athletes as an incredible and influential teacher and coach. He passed away from cancer in 1970 at the age of 33. Skip was extremely dedicated to PHS, its students, and his colleagues. In 1969, after it was discovered that he was seriously ill, Skip was honored by PHS at a home football game and given a gift by the school and its students. He accepted the gift by explaining the important place his students and colleagues held in his life, stating, “Call it friendship, call it love if you will.”

The 1970 PHS Cadet yearbook, issued shortly after Skip’s death, was dedicated to him. It stated, “This book has been dedicated to the memory of one of God’s modern disciples. This man unselfishly gave of himself and exemplified the type of man that we all hope to become. This man, this teacher, and leader of men is Mr. Grant Killoran.” It described him as a “unique type of man who somehow made you think of the nicer things. He was respected, awed, and loved by all those who knew him. To everyone he was a man to be cherished and admired, and he will forever retain an honored place in our memories, especially in the memory of Premontre High School.” It concluded, “It is up to us now to continue without him and to live our lives exemplifying the type of men that he taught us to be.”

Skip’s family believes Skip, as a teacher, coach, and colleague, would be deeply honored by these kind words and thrilled by his induction into the inaugural Triton Academic & Athletic Hall of Fame.

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