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Photo of Joe Walker
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Photo of Joe Walker

Joe received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Wisconsin- Madison after a successful athletic career at NDA, which included two state championships – for track and field in 2002 and football in 2004 – in addition to multiple all-state awards. He was named the Associated Press State Player of the Year for football in 2004. Due to a significant back injury while playing at UW, Joe had to step away from the game he loved. He was able to continue to participate in the sport behind the scenes at Wisconsin, which ultimately led to an internship with the Green Bay Packers scouting department in 2009. Joe graduated from the UW-Madison with a Bachelor of Science in legal studies in 2008.

Post internship, Joe moved to Minnesota, where he worked for Yale Materials Handling in St. Paul. He made a connection with the company thanks to Mr. Fairchild, a fellow member of the NDA community. Minnesota is where Joe cut his teeth in sales and had his first date with his future wife, Anna Collins-

Joe. While in Minnesota, Joe came across an opportunity to get into the medical device world, which led him to the east coast. He relocated to northern Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C., where there is a wide variety of hospitals and facilities specializing in spinal care. His previous injury and love of technology inspired him to work with professionals who wanted to make a difference in how spinal conditions were diagnosed and treated. He eventually landed at NuVasive, a company known for utilizing technological advancements in order to make surgeries more streamlined and less invasive for patients. At NuVasive, Joe supported orthopedic spine and neurosurgeons, assisting in over 1000 spine procedures. From there, Joe became an award-winning Chairman’s Club level salesman and an entrepreneur.

Joe is an investor with his longtime friend and NDA alumni, Kenzie Yewman, and board member of two companies. One of the companies, SVR, is located in Madison. SVR is an augmented/virtual reality software company, specializing in localized next-generation fully immersive training technologies. SVR is in partnership with Hewlett-Packard and the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department and is currently developing its first go-to market training system. SVR was founded by Cody Ross, a NDA and UW alum.

The other company that Joe is an investor/board member of is NuEyes in Newport, Calif. NuEyes is an Augmented Reality company that utilizes glasses with heads-up displays, which help people who are legally blind navigate through the world. These award-winning glasses have helped NuEyes become the first company in the U.S. to have Medicare/Medicaid approval as a visual prosthetic. NuEyes is also notable for being founded by a veteran, Mark Greget, and its contributions to helping veterans and wounded warriors live normal lives. NuEyes has also been awarded a government contract from SOCOM for facial recognition technology.

Joe currently works for Stryker Medical as a Senior Spine Representative and lives with his wife, Anna, and five dogs, Charley, Tucker, Watson, Holmes and Moriarty (Arty) in the hills of Warrenton, Va. He travels for work throughout the eastern seaboard, and all over the world for leisure when he gets the chance. He is an avid sports fan, a technology guru, a news fanatic, and still has a great love and appreciation for his hometown team, school, family and friends.

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