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Photo of Ron Miller
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Photo of Ron Miller

Ron Miller left a successful coaching career in Indiana to take on the head coaching job at PHS in 1967. Upon his arrival, he found the team had much talent, but, as departing Coach Ted Fritsch pointed out, the program “needed a shot in the arm” in order to be successful.

Miller set to work and built the football locker room as a scaled down model of the Packers’ and organized the “Football Fathers Club.” They in turn raised money by starting the Annual Picnic. The money raised, along with generous donations from loyal PHS supporters, was used to build a larger press box, to add a modern scoreboard, weight room with equipment, a laundry room, and, above all, to purchase new uniforms. With a renewed spirit, the Cadets went on to win or share 12 FVCC titles during his nine years.

A refrain often heard throughout the 1970 season was the Cadets “were bigger than the Packers,” but it took more than size to win a championship. Miller continued to use his successful strategy of expecting the unexpected, keeping it simple, and, above all, having fun to build a cohesive unit that made the most of their God given talent. In 1970, Miller led the team to an undefeated season ending in the WISAA state championship, defeating La Crosse Aquinas. The following years did not bring another state championship, but the Cadets did continue on the road to success both on and off the field.

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