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Sam Lagowski named Triton of the Week
Sam Lagowski named Triton of the Week
Notre Dame Academy

Sam Lagowski has gotten off to a soaring start in his sophomore year.

Lagowski earned his Eagle Scout a few weeks ago. After receiving the highest achievement in the Scouts program, he is setting his sights on new goals.

“He exemplifies the NDA core values and sets a great example for the students around him,” Frater Charles Burris said. “Sam expresses interest in the material for his own interest, beyond simply looking for a grade.”

For his efforts, Lagowski is Triton of the Week for the week of Oct. 28, 2019.

Lagowski is taking honors classes in addition to playing football and basketball.

He’s interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, but right now is trying to be a sponge in the classroom.

“I like the teachers and they help you whenever you need it,” Lagowski said. “It’s just a great atmosphere here.”

Sam Lagowski

NDA sophomores Adam Brada and Sam Lagowski both earned Eagle Scout honors earlier this year.