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Monica Sosa-Hernandez named Triton of the Week
Monica Sosa-Hernandez named Triton of the Week
Notre Dame Academy

Monica Sosa-Hernandez is perhaps best known for her vocal prowess.

The Notre Dame Academy senior can’t help but smile at the notion when she thinks back to her humble beginnings as a singer.

“When I was little I loved to sing, but I was horrible,” Sosa-Hernandez said. “I sang about how much I loved my mom and how much I loved my dad. As I grew older, my mom would say, ‘You have the spirit of your great grandfather.’ I’d ask her about him and what kinds of songs did he sing. He had his own little Mariachi band back in Mexico. He had the big, powerful voice for singing the Rancheras.

“Even though he’s passed, I feel that connection with him in the fact that not a lot of people in my family can sing.”

There are not a lot of high school students in the area who can sing as well as Sosa-Hernandez, who was recently named to the All-State Vocal Jazz Choir by the Wisconsin Choral Directors Association.

For her efforts, Sosa-Hernandez is our Triton of the Week for the week of Nov. 18, 2019.

“I endured this love for jazz when I came here to school,” said Sosa-Hernandez, who will perform at the WCDA All-State performance in Appleton Jan. 11.

“Before that I didn’t listen to jazz or anything, but now I’m really into it because it’s a different section of music. Jazz gives you a different touch and sense to music than any other genre.”

Away from the stage, Sosa-Hernandez helps makes a difference at St. Willebrord Parish as an assistant teacher on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

She has performed in Solo Ensemble, musicals, talent shows in addition to writing for The Tritonian.

“Everything I’ve done has been done with faith,” she said.

After attending public school through eighth grade, Sosa-Hernandez made the decision to attend Notre Dame Academy, which she had a special connection to.

“I brought it up to my parents because they used to work here,” Sosa-Hernandez said. “They used to tell me stories and such. I knew that it was Catholic school, and I wanted to go here because it was going to be an environment full of faith and faith-filled activities. That’s my people.”

Monica Sosa-Hernandez