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A Prayer for Easter
A Prayer for Easter
Notre Dame Academy

Dear Notre Dame Community,

As Holy Week leads to the Easter Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and then Easter Sunday we as a community reflect upon this central Paschal mystery of the faith: through dying God creates new life in Christ. When death touches us through the passing of loved ones, through the passing of victims of violence, through the passing of many through pandemic the Gospels point us to singular moments of God’s grace touching our sorrow. Jesus enters our experience fully becoming more like us so we can become more like him.

Collectively, our experience at NDA during the pandemic has been like the disciples in the upper room: gathered tentatively, aware of possible danger, praying for God’s intervention. Easter provides this intervention.  Beyond death Jesus promises to be with us always as we are moved by the Spirit beyond the confines of the upper room. We have learned together. We have lamented together.  We go forth together.  The promise of Easter crystallizes Christian hope. We imagine possibilities and we act in freedom and love. May we reach out to each other in both need and celebration shaping the future promised and sought. May we reflect deeply upon God’s presence in our lives. May we be blessed on our journey.

May each of you have a blessed Easter season.

Warm regards,

Tom Kiely
NDA President