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Details for Junior ACT Testing
Details for Junior ACT Testing
Notre Dame Academy

March 23 is the designated date for the state of Wisconsin’s ACT testing this year. We have chosen to offer this test to all juniors because we recognize the challenges of testing at other sites during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ACT will be administered to juniors during the school day. All other students will have the day off, as to create the best possible testing environment.

Below is information and FAQs that will help you prepare.

Who: All junior students have been signed up to take the test at NDA on March 23.

What: The ACT test (American College Test). This is a college entrance exam. Each of the four ACT sections (English, Math, Reading and Science) is scored on a range of 1–36.

When: March 23 at 8 a.m. Students will be finished between 12:30-1 p.m. 
*Students who have approved ACT accommodations will be tested for longer.

Where: At NDA. All cohorts report to school for the regular start time. Room assignments will be emailed to the students before the test so they can report directly to their testing room.

Why: Students who are at all thinking about attending college should take this exam at least once. Standardized test scores are not as important as they once were, but it can be a great addition to your college application if needed. 

Cost: $55 (cash or check to NDA). A standard weekend administration of the exam is $70. Students who are part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program do not need to pay, If cost is an issue for your family, please email Mrs. Beth Abler

We are excited to be able to offer this test at a time when other weekend test administrations have not been readily available. We encourage all students to take this test.

Thank you,

Patrick Browne - Principal                                        
Beth Abler - School Counselor/Test Coordinator

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign my student up for the exam with ACT?

You do NOT have to do anything in order to take this exam except pay the fee.

I already took the ACT and don’t want to take it again, as I am happy with my score.
You can have your parent opt you out in written form to Beth Abler

Am I required to wear a mask through the whole test?
Yes, all COVID-19 guidelines will continue to be followed.

What happens if I am sick or quartained on the test date?
Unfortunately we will not be able to offer a make up exam. Any student who missed this day can sign up to take the exam on any weekend administration.

What do I need to bring on test day?
No. 2 pencils (non mechanical), approved ACT calculator, water bottle, snack, lanyard with ID ACT Approved Calculator List.

What can I NOT bring to the test?
No electronic devices are allowed in the testing room, this includes but is not limited to phones, smart watches, fit bits, etc.  Phones must be turned off, not just silent, because if it makes any noise during the examination then that student will be dismissed and scores canceled. No reading material either.

What happens if I am unhappy with the score I receive?
You can take the test up to 12 times in your lifetime. We would suggest that you look into tutoring resources or practice tests before you test again.

What if there is a snow day that day?
The test would be canceled and we would do our best to work with the state to reschedule the exam.

When or where should I pay?
You can pay your $55 fee to Student Services or the Atrium desk any time before the test. Students who are part of the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program do not need to pay. If cost is an issue for your family, please email Mrs. Beth Abler

Does this exam include the writing section?
Yes, it will include the writing section.

Do I have to wear the uniform that day?
No, students can wear comfortable clothes that fall within the modesty guidelines.

I would like my student to practice before the test?
Linked here are practice ACT questions

Will I be able to take the bus home?
Buses will be available for students taking the standard time test at 1 p.m. Those taking the test with accommodations will need to find a different form of transportation.

Will I be able to eat during breaks?
Yes, please be prepared by bringing snacks that you can eat while on break. It’s a long day of testing.