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Reminder to students to plan ahead for winter weather
Reminder to students to plan ahead for winter weather
Notre Dame Academy

NDA emphasizes being prompt to school as this is a necessary habit for success in life.  We remind students to monitor our Wisconsin winter weather and plan accordingly.  When weather is predicted that could affect travel to school, we expect our students to plan an additional 20 minutes of travel time to ensure safe driving and promptness to 1st hour.   

  • If your student is tardy to first period and it should be excused due to circumstances out of the student’s control, please contact the main office at 429-6104 by 9:00 a.m. to excuse your student. 
  • Students who are tardy to first period must report directly to the main office.  
  • Students are permitted two excused tardies to first hour per semester.  All tardies thereafter will be unexcused and the student will receive school consequences for their tardiness.
  • All tardies are considered unexcused until the student’s parent contacts the Main Office to have them excused.  
  • Since we value the individual parent communication for each student, only the student’s parent/guardian can excuse their tardy.  This applies to carpool situations.  In a carpool, each student’s parent must contact the Main Office to excuse their student.
  • Tardiness of more than 10 minutes will be considered an absence.
  • Please call the main office for special circumstances. 

View codes and the NDA handbook.