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Welcome to the NDA School Nurse information page.

Details and links will be posted on an ongoing basis regarding current COVID practices and trends as well as an occasional general wellness tips.

Please don't hesitate to contact me by email at or by phone at (920) 429-6188 with any health related concerns, COVID-19 or otherwise.

During this time away from the school building while the students are 100% virtual learning, it is very important that families continue to report COVID-19 positive results and family quarantine or close exposures by emailing This is one of the many data points that will be used as we move forward with when we are able to return to in person school. I will still be recording information daily and reporting it to Brown County as we have been. 

Nurse's Note: Helping teens navigate through the pandemic is a vital part of parenting currently. Psychology Today has a nice list of ideas you can suggest or do right along with your teen. Interestingly enough, while we may be encouraging kids to use their devices to keep in touch with friends, a break is just as beneficial. A quote from the article:

“Turn off smart phones (at least for part of the day). It’s hard. But really, you don't need it constantly, as if it’s stitched to your side. You can take a break, even for just part of the day. There may be some withdrawal or anxiety about not being right there for what you think is critical, but just stop and think. How many texts, Instagram stories or other digital communications do you need to see immediately? Very few! Once you try it, you may actually find it refreshing to have a break from the constant notifications.”

COVID-19 has up to a 14-day incubation period

Amy Rader

Amy Rader

Titles: School Nurse
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School: 920-429-6188