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NDA Sanctioned Events Facility request

The facilities and fields at Notre Dame Academy are requested by multiple groups and teams annually.  While we would like to make the school available for all interested groups, the following process has been established in order to mitigate liability and to maintain proper usage of the facilities.  Priority is given to NDA sanctioned events for NDA students, such as meetings, practices, rehearsals, games, events, and performances. In addition, time must be allowed for maintenance of the facility before scheduling other groups.  

Please note that all requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the requested date and are dependent on the details of the request.  All requests are to be made through rSchool Facilities Requester below.

All requesters must complete the “Become a Requester” process before making their request.  When requesting a facility, it is required to enter the estimated number of people in “Attendance” and any set-up notes that would involve something different than the way the facility is originally set. These set-up notes are used only for the approval process and is not considered communication about the actual set-up for the event.  Events with significant set-up need a greater time frame than two weeks prior to the event for approval.  Approval for these events will require conversations with the Director of Maintenance to ensure feasibility prior to approval. 

You are encouraged to have a conversation with the primary approver of the facility you are requesting in advance of your request.

Athletic Fields or Gymnasium:  Matthew Koening
Auditorium, Commons or Classrooms:  Greg Masarik
Conference Rooms:  Char Dunlap
Chapel:  Daniel Kriegl
Library: Treena Leonhard 

Please note that for a facilities request to be granted, a Notre Dame Academy maintenance person AND a Notre Dame Academy employee must be available for the date requested.  Use of our facility is subject to the approval process which has several layers for final approval.  Please note, a request to use the facility does not mean that it is automatically approved. The NDA official you are working with will confirm in writing when the date is approved and guaranteed. Notification of approval through rSchool is considered confirmation of its approval in writing.   

Once your event is approved, if there is any specific set-up required that is not the usual set-up of the facility, you must meet with the Director of Maintenance at least one week prior to your event. If you need specific audio/visual for the auditorium or commons, you must meet with the Auditorium approver at least one week prior to your event. If you need specific technology in any other area of the building, you must meet with the Director of Technology at least one week prior to the event.