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Final Exam Schedule

Tuesday, May 25
Period 1 8:00-9:25
Period 2 9:35-10:50
Period 6 11:00-12:15



Wednesday, May 26
Period 3 8:00-9:25
Period 4 9:35-10:50
Period 5 11:00-12:15



Thursday, May 27
Period 8* 8:00-9:25
Period 7 9:35-10:50

*Graduation practice will take place during this period and is mandatory for all seniors.

**Students who are virtual will be expected to come to school to take exams. If a student is immunocompromised, arrangements should be made by calling Mr. Browne at (920) 429-6103.


  • All students are to take the exam at the scheduled time. Students who are virtual should make arrangements to be at school on exam days. All deviations from this exam schedule must be approved by the principal no later than May 15.
  • Exam periods are 75 minutes in length. Students are to remain in their exam classroom for the full 75 minutes and may not leave. Ten minutes have been added to the first period for prayer and announcements.
  • The study areas will be located in the Commons. Students are to be in the Commons if they are not in a classroom. Students who do not have an exam during the first period of the day need not report until the second period. Those who report at 8:00 a.m. should report to the study area (Commons) for the period. Students may leave the building after finishing their last exam for the day. Students choosing to stay in the building should be in the Commons. Students whose Study Hall is in the middle of the day (with an exam preceding and following the Study Hall) are to stay on campus during that period.
  • Buses will arrive at school at the regular time in the morning and will pick up students 10 minutes after the final exam ends each day. The school building will close at 12:30 p.m.