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Course Offerings

Notre Dame Academy offers students rigorous course offerings that prepare students for both four and two-year college enrollment, whether that is immediately after high school or students choose to enter the workforce before entering college.

Students are able to enroll in a variety of courses that suit their interests and abilities. The variety of courses includes electives in each academic area and honors courses that challenge students to develop their strengths and excel. It is essential that parents / guardians, teachers and counselors help to guide students as they make these choices.

NDA encourages all students to enroll in courses they know will be the most challenging they are capable of being successful in. Many students blend honors, regular, and dual-credit courses to make the most of available opportunities.

We recognize that every course is not designed for every student. It is essential to help students make choices that both challenge themselves and teach them how to maintain a healthy balance. While some students may need encouragement to take on academic challenges and put forth more than the minimum effort, others may thrive with heavy academic and co-curricular requirements. We also want students to balance pursuing the interests they have already developed with opportunities to try new things.

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