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WPCP Choice Program

Thinking about applying for a voucher?

The open application period for families to enroll in the WPCP for the 2020-21 school year began Feb. 3 and runs through April 16.

Fill out out the online form to apply for a voucher.

All families can investigate whether or not they would qualify for a voucher to attend NDA. Eligibility guidelines have been established in the areas of family income and residency. Families that qualify and apply for the program (Feb. 3 - April 16, 2020) are then eligible for the random selection process.  Families that are selected will receive a voucher that will cover the tuition for NDA.

Applications are only accepted during the Feb. 3 - April 16 application period.

View the WPCP eligibility flyer for the 2020-21 school year in English or Spanish.

For more information about the WPCP and how to apply, please visit the the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction website.

What is the WPCP?

Notre Dame Academy participates in the Wisconsin Parental School Choice Program (WPCP). This program allows eligible students who reside in Wisconsin and meet the state requirements to attend Catholic school tuition-free.

State law (Act 55) specifies that, annually, every public school, including charter schools, and each private school participating in a Choice program is to provide parents with a copy of the report card and their educational options. In order to meet this requirement, schools may post their School Report Card to their own website.

Schools and districts are also required to provide the list of educational options.

Below you will find links to the DPI School Report Card website, a link to educational options and a link to NDA Principal's letter explaining the results.

School Report Card
Understanding the Report Card
List of educational options
Principal Letter

Karen Konop

Karen Konop

Outreach Administrator