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Photo of students working on laptops in classroom while wearing masks.
**Please email to report a diagnosis of COVID-19**


Reminders for the 4th Quarter

  • Parents need to complete the daily COVID-19 assessment for their student using the Magnus app before their student leaves for school. Students will not be allowed in the building if it is not completed.  
  • Students who are not in their Advisory by 8 a.m. will be considered unexcused tardy to school. Please plan enough time to pass through entrance protocols.
  • Students need to have their school issued blue lanyard and ID at school each day. Replacements cost $5 for lanyard and $5 for ID. Students can stop at school and purchase a replacement before 3 p.m. on Friday, March 19.
  • Students need to have their Student & Parent Handbook (planner) at school each day. This is their hallway passport. Replacements cost $10 and can be purchased from the main office.
  • 4th Quarter Learning Calendar April and May are on tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet.
  • Building hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Students with an extracurricular activity that starts after 3:30 p.m., must leave the building and return for their activity.
  • Daily Morning Mass: 7:25 a.m. Students must arrive between 7:05 - 7:15 a.m. to pass through entrance protocols to attend mass.

Attendance Reminders

For In-Person/Blended Students:

  • Students are expected to be at school when scheduled.  
  • If a student stays home it will count as an absence towards the 10 absences that parents are allowed per school year. Students are encouraged to Zoom into classes if healthy enough, but it still counts as an absence.
  • Students marked “Absent-Quarantine”, are expected to Zoom into classes and it does not count towards the 10 absences that parents are allowed per school year. Students on quarantine who do not Zoom into class will be reported to Attendance and the attendance record will be changed to Unexcused Absence. Five Unexcused Absences begins the truancy process. Teachers can apply an academic consequence for unexcused absences.

For Virtual Students & Blended Students at Home:

  • Students must Swipe in “OLP” for each class period, advisory, study hall and lunch.
  • If a student does not Swipe in within the first 10 minutes, he/she will be marked “OLA” and it will not be changed. Student is ineligible for extracurricular participation that day.

Attendance & Extracurricular Participation

School Policy: To participate in a scheduled interscholastic or extra-curricular practice, game or event, a student must be in school for the entire day unless excused by the Associate Principal.

  • This means that any absence or “OLA” means the student is ineligible that day.
  • If a student has an appointment, they need to submit an appointment verification form to Attendance to become eligible.

Extracurricular Activities may begin at 3:20 p.m.


NDA places an emphasis on being prompt to school as it establishes good habits for success both in school and post-graduation. Students must plan ahead to ensure adequate time to pass through entrance protocols and be in their advisory classroom by 8 a.m. Students who have not completed entrance protocols on time will be considered tardy to school. In the event of inclement weather, students should plan an additional 15-20 minutes of travel time to school.

If your student is tardy to school and it should be excused due to circumstances out of the student’s control, please contact the Main Office at (920) 429-6104 by 9 a.m. to excuse your student. Parents are allowed to excuse their students twice per semester.

Students who are tardy to advisory (8 a.m.) must report directly to the main office. As per page 34 of the Student and Parent Handbook, students are permitted two excused tardies to school per semester.  

All tardies are considered unexcused until the student’s parent contacts the Main Office to have them marked excused. Because we value the individual parent communication for each student, only the student’s parent can excuse their tardy. This applies to carpool situations. In a carpool, each student’s parent must contact the Main Office to excuse their student, not just the driver’s parent.

Student attendance records will not be changed three school days after the absence/tardy.

Student Parking

As we prepare for the 4th quarter, there will be more students on campus on a daily basis as compared to the 3rd quarter. As per our earlier communications this year, student parking in our student parking lots (Mason Street and Priory Lots) is not guaranteed. Student parking in these lots is by permit only and on a “first come, first serve” basis. If the parking lots are at capacity, students will need to park on the streets around NDA where it is legal to park for the full day.  

Students are not allowed to park in the Faculty & Staff Parking Lot. Students who park in the Faculty & Staff Parking Lot will lose their parking permit.

It is important to plan ahead for parking and to ensure that students pass through entrance protocols and are in their advisory classroom by 8 a.m. Students will be considered unexcused tardy according to our tardy policies if they are not in advisory by 8 a.m.

The Green Bay Parking Division enforces our parking lot guidelines and issues tickets to those who are in violation. Complete NDA Student Parking Policies