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Photo of students working on laptops in classroom while wearing masks.

Virtual Attendance

1. Students are responsible for submitting their attendance via Swipe within the first 10 minutes of each class period (including Study Halls) when they are learning from home. Students will mark themselves “OLP” (Online Present) via Swipe and are expected to be in the Zoom meeting according to the teacher’s expectations. Students do not have Zoom meetings for Study Hall.

2. Teachers will take attendance for all students in all classes (except for Study Hall) via PS and submit it within the first 10 minutes of class.

a. Students who are not present in the Zoom meeting will be marked “A”

b. Teachers may use the code TU for students who are not on time for the Zoom meeting at the beginning of the class period.

c. If a student marks themselves “OLP” and is not in the Zoom meeting, the teacher may call the attendance office at ext. 6104 to report those student names or email the attendance desk at The student’s attendance will be changed by the attendance desk to “A-UN.”  This should be done in the first 10 minutes of class.

3. The attendance office will send automated text messages and voice calls to the parents of all students marked “A” or “A-UN” at the 10-minute mark of each class period.

a. Parents who have questions about their student’s attendance will be referred to their student’s teacher for more information.

b. If the attendance record needs to be changed, the teacher needs to call or email the attendance desk.

c. As per school policy, attendance records will not be changed 3 school days after the absence/tardy.  Wednesdays are considered a school day.

4. Students who are absent for any class period during the school day will be ineligible for extracurricular activities that day as per pg. 12 of the Student & Parent Handbook.

5. Students who are too sick to participate in virtual learning or have appointments scheduled, will be marked Absent Excused or Absent - Medical (with proper documentation from a medical doctor). Parents must call the Attendance Office at (920) 429-6104 each day by 9 a.m. to notify the school of the absence. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments at times when students are not scheduled for classes.

6. Excessive absences/tardies will be referred to the Associate Principal to determine consequences. 

Revised Oct. 28, 2020