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Teachers demonstrate physical distancing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Green Bay.

FAQs for Return to School

Notre Dame Academy is committed to being transparent about all aspects of our efforts to combat COVID-19 and keep our students and employees safe. Please email questions to We will update this page each Tuesday with answers to frequently asked questions.

These are composite responses to several of the questions posed. Policies and procedures are in the process of being developed due to the changing nature of advisories, health and safety procedures and NDA’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

Will masks be required at school?
Yes, masks will be required to be worn by adults and students. 

Will masks be provided by?
The state of Wisconsin has purchased one mask for each student and staff member. Additionally, the school has purchased one mask with an NDA logo on it for every student and staff member. 

Can students bring their own masks to wear?
Yes, students can wear a mask not provided by NDA. Masks should be a solid color. Further refinements to this policy will be forthcoming.

What type of cleaners are used at the school?
All cleaners used at NDA are approved for school use and are EPA approved/certified.

How large will classes be?
The number of students in a class will depend on the number of square feet available in the classroom. All rooms have been measured to be in alignment with the CDC recommended physical distancing guidelines.

What happens when an individual tests positive?
NDA is working with the Brown County Board of Health and Prevea Health to address each situation as it arises. Recommendations vary according to individual circumstances. We will share a comprehensive document from the Brown County Board of Health in early August and as soon as it is made available to schools.

Will hand washing/sanitizing be available in every classroom?
A hand sanitizing dispenser has been installed in every classroom with 62% alcohol, aloe and vitamin E. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol (also referred to as ethanol or ethyl alcohol).

Will employees and students be trained in how to mitigate risks of becoming infected?
A formal training will take place for employees during the professional development days in August. Students will receive the same information on their orientation day(s) at the beginning of the year.

I have heard a virus can be spread through the ventilation system. What type of ventilation is there at school?
Air handlers at NDA have multiple supply and return filters on the systems and all air handlers have filters.

How will the student body be grouped in the hybrid scenario?
The student body will consist of two groups, Blue and Green, based on the alphabetical order of last names. Siblings will be kept together in the same group. Further refinements to this policy will be forthcoming.

Why was the school start date changed to September 8?
The start of school was adjusted to accommodate additional training for faculty, staff and students on the Instructional Scenarios. The full calendar will be adjusted at a later date. At this time, opening school is the primary focus.

What are the advisory times?
Policies and procedures are under development.

What are the entry protocols for school?
These are under construction due to developing advice from the Brown County Health Department.

*Last update July 28, 2020

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