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“So also faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead (James 2:17)." Inspired by these words, our job at Notre Dame Academy must stretch beyond the classroom and the chapel (Church). If we are to be faithful followers of Christ, we must be willing to do good works for our Lord and help one another.

There was an average of 11,415 community service hours per year completed by students over the last three years. At NDA, there are five kinds of service:

All students are strongly encouraged to be active members of their parish. Some areas of involvement are: parish picnics, mailings, babysitting, ushering, serving, reading, singing in church choir, teaching Religious Education, and visiting elderly or shut-ins of that parish. Call your parish for more information.

Hospitals/Nursing Homes, etc.
Students may help with activities that are planned for the area hospitals/nursing homes, etc. Students may consider being a volunteer, visit individuals hospitalized from their parish, visit elderly in their own neighborhood or parish. Contact your area hospitals/nursing homes for more information.

Community Organizations
Students should take note of possible service locations listed. Service opportunities continually are called into NDA, so check with Campus Ministry for suggestions.

Any service work that is completed for NDA is classified as school service. For example: working at the Packers food booth, helping tutor, liturgies, ambassadors, office work, sport camps, NDA Tritonfest, campus ministry, etc.

Social Justice
Sophomores are required to complete social justice service. To do this, they must serve the poor and vulnerable, which refers to people deprived of their basic rights and/or equal participation in society. Catholic Social Teaching calls us to put the needs of the poor and vulnerable first among social concerns. Social justice service is an opportunity for students to live that call to serve the least in our midst.

Additional Service Information