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Add Funds to your ID

If you have questions regarding school lunches from Renard's Catering, please call (920) 429-6137 or email

In collaboration with Renard's Catering, Notre Dame Academy currently uses Nutrikids for a great lunch service. With this system, families are able to add money to a student’s account. Using their school-issued identification cards, students are able to access these funds for items purchased in the NDA cafeteria.

Every student has his/her own personal meal account based on their current student ID number. To use the payment system, students will need their school-issued student ID card.

Although cash is accepted, parents are encouraged to deposit money into the student’s prepaid account. This will enable efficiency and shorter wait periods in the purchasing process. Funds paid into a student account can only be used to purchase items in the cafeteria, assuring that money is being used to purchase only food items.

There are two ways to add money to a student account:

  1. Parents can prepay online at any time. If you prepay using your checking account, there is a transaction fee of $2.49. If you prepay using your credit card, there is a fee of $2.75.
  2. Parents can send cash or checks to the cafeteria staff at NDA. Checks are to be made payable to "Renard's Catering" When sending a prepayment, please include the student’s ID number on the memo of the check. If cash is sent, please indicate the student’s name and ID number on the face of the envelope.
If you have questions about the system, contact Tracy Troge at or (920) 429-6137.
Features of the Computerized System: Benefits for Parents and Students
  • When the account is prepaid, be assured that the student is only using that money for food served in the cafeteria.
  • Lunch lines move faster when meals are prepaid, thus providing students extra time to enjoy their lunch period.
  • Parents can pay any amount at any time. Students can prepay any school day with the cafeteria staff with cash or check, or parents can prepay online. All student ID numbers are confidential.
  • Once the transaction is complete, the student will know his/her account balance.
  • Students may use any register. When purchases are recorded at one register, it will automatically be recorded on the other registers.
  • When student accounts get low, students will be informed at the register of their balance. Parents may also choose to set up an email alert when there is a low balance. To do so, please login, click Email Preferences and follow the instructions.

Nutrikids FAQ

How do I get a card for use to purchase items from the cafeteria?
Your student ID is your card! When checking out, scan your ID at the register, and your purchase will be deducted from your card.
How can I add value to my card?
You can add value to a card online or submit a cash payment to the cafeteria staff on any school day. The cafeteria staff is only able to accept check or cash as a payment.

The methods of payment available online (transaction fee of $2.49) are:
-Credit card
-Debit Card
-PayPal Account

What will happen at the end of the school year to any remaining balance on my card?
For returning students, balances are automatically carried over to the next school year. For non-returning students and seniors, all funds need to be used prior to the end of the school year. Unused balances will not be refunded.

Can I transfer money from the card of one child to another?
Yes, by request, the cafeteria manager will assist you with this request. Contact in order to make this transfer.

What if my card is lost?
If you lose your student ID, go to the main office for a temporary ID card.

What if I have questions or problems with the system?
You may contact Tracy at (920) 429-6137 or